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What is an IDN?

posted this on June 25, 2012, 5:58 PM

The Acronym IDN stands for 'Internationalized Domain Name'. The IDN system allows Internet users to use the full alphabet of their language in their domain names. They're no longer restricted to the English A-Z, and can use the full latin character set, as well as characters from other locales, including Chinese and Japanese.

Internationalized (IDN) Domain Names work by encoding the domain name using a system called Punycode. When you wish to register an IDN domain, you must convert the domain name to Punycode, and register the encoded version of the domain name. Then when the user enters a URL containing an IDN domain into their web browser, it will convert the IDN domain into Punycode and resolve that domain.

For example, the IDN domain _________ will convert into __________ which will be the version you register.

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