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Update .EU contact details

posted this on June 8, 2012, 4:12 PM

Contact information for .EU domain names must be performed at the registry level and this is called a "trade". We can make these changes for you, but there is a cost to perform the trade. Our cost for this service is $9.99 usd per domain. If you wish to have us perform this task for you, please provide us with the appropriate funds and the correct contact information to change to. To submit funds for this, you have a few options. One option to pay for this trade service is to purchase the exact amount account credit due, within your account. To do this click on View Credit Information located in your control panel on the right side of your account page. Then enter the exact amount, then click submit. This will add the account credit to your shopping cart. Click cart to complete your order. You can then contact us, and ask us to remove the account credit and perform your trade. We can also accept payment via PayPal OR you can call our support line to submit a payment over the phone.

To send funds via PayPal:

1. Please purchase account credit in your account via PayPal.

2. Email with your PayPal transaction ID #, your account username, the domain and the contact information we are updating.

Our support line is 720.249.2374 and we are open from 8:00am - 8:00pm MT Monday - Friday.

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