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I can't seem to get into my account, what should I do?

Jeremiah Stanley -
posted this on March 30, 2012, 1:57 PM

There are a few circumstances that may prevent access to your account. This article will provide the detailed instructions to complete a password reset, update a dual factor credential, or remove the IP restriction that you put in place.

 First among them is the Lost Password tool. The Lost Password tool will ask you to enter either your username or one of the domains in your account. This will send an email the username to the email address you have listed as the registrant contact for the account. This email will contain a link (you man need to copy and paste this link to your browser) will direct you to a page to update your password. 

As a security feature we also offer NameSafe VIP tokens. If you have misplaced your cell phone with the installed app you need only attempt to log in to your account four times with the correct password but the wrong generated code. After those four log in attempts you will be prompted to answer the security question you established when setting up NameSafe and the PIN number you created as well. Once you have correctly entered these values you will be logged into your account. If you have misplaced your code generator please be sure to remove the NameSafe requirement from your account by clicking the Account Tab and then Account settings. On the right hand side of the page locate Account security settings box and click on the Dual-Factor Authentication Settings; here you will be able to delete the security token from the account.

Under the Edit Security Settings when logged into your account there is the option to establish an IP address restriction to your account. This is for customers with static IPs that only plan on accessing their account from one physical location. If you have a dynamic IP assigned by your ISP or if you are unsure if you do, please do not activate this feature. If you need this removed we will ask you to document your ownership of the account with the following information:

  1. Name and address on account.
  2. A scan of photo identification (drivers license, passport, military ID) that is clearly readable and that matches the name on the account.
  3. A scan of a credit card used on a past transaction with the account, or an email from the PayPal account used.

Once we have reviewed these materials we will remove the IP restriction from the account. We are happy to do this one time, however at our discretion we would charge $25 for subsequent restriction removals.

If this information not help you get into your account, please contact We will be happy to assist you.

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